Grapes Mobile Apps – A move towards faster care delivery

The use of smartphones are reducing the time we have to spend on doing our daily chores like bill payments and purchases. But when it comes to following the standard procedures, documenting and accessing patient info we still rely on larger workstations. In a plan to totally redesign the process of clinical data entry and retrieval, Grapes is starting to introduce a series of mobile apps. First in the series is ‘Grapes BSA’.

Grapes BSA

BSA is a short name for ‘Bed Side Assistant’. Grapes BSA is tool for the nurses who move around the wards and rooms caring for patients. It gives them, all essential clinical and demographic details of the patient along with latest updates on their diagnostic results. The main features covered in first version of Grapes BSA are:

Drug Chart

Drug charts of the patient can be accessed anywhere so that the nurses won’t miss the schedule. When drugs are administered, it can be marked at the same moment without any delay. This will reduce the delays and discrepancies in delivering drugs and updating in the medical records.

Patient Vitals

Patient’s most recent vitals can be accessed and updated frequently using Grapes BSA. Integrated vital machines can deliver the vitals directly to the nurses smartphone so that the nurse is always on the watch even if away from the patient.

Intake Output Chart

Sometimes not having access to the records at the time of patient encounter will result in loss of updating the data. Using Grapes BSA, nurses can update the intake and output of patient anytime and view the net intake for the whole day easily.

Clinical Notes

The most promising feature of Grapes BSA is the ability to update patient’s clinical notes on the go. For faster input, Grapes BSA provides hands free note entry through voice input.

Investigation Results

From the lab equipment to the nurses hand, in Grapes IDMR environment, the investigation results travel at unbelievable speed. When coupled with a completely integrated LIS like grapes LIS, Grapes BSA can reduce the delays in giving the patient essential care at the earliest.

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