Get ahead with NABH accreditation using Grapes

  • Saran S 

NABH have succeeded in setting a standard for healthcare delivery in India with a focus on patient care. It is pushing our hospitals to fine tune their operations and patient care process. Grapes IDMR has been innovating to help our hospitals to put up with the standards defined by NABH. All the possible data points are being monitored and analysed to provide better insights. The healthcare professionals and the facility managers need not to worry now as the software handles their standardisation.

With our new audit reports, quality managers can track the quality indicators in the hospital with just one click. All the required data is being collected automatically through the day to day interactions of clinical and non clinical staff with the software. So, there is no need of manually collecting the data points, analysing them and deriving the indicators. It reduces the human intervention in collecting the data and summarising it, thereby reducing errors as well as resources needed for the data collection and sorting.

We are also introducing a dynamic quality audit tool, which can be used to build audits with any number of questions and factors. Auditing for processes like cleaning, fumigation, etc can be created according to the hospitals needs and can be tracked easily.

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